Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Our evolutionary biological tendencies for immediate gratification are outdated and exploited by consumer culture. We are at a very critical point in Earth’s history, where our decisions in this moment set the timeline for our future, be it prosperous or fatal. Tune out of the distractions, and tune into our mother Earth as she resolves the wounds within her and within us. Tap out of the illusions and seek the truth, because the truth is all there is.


Inner Child Healing

We can trace the patterns in our adult lives back to the patterns of care we received during childhood. The circumstances we are born into are forever engrained into our psyche and thus form the standard of our comfort and build the foundation of our emotional bodies. The earlier the infant, the more engrained the atmosphere is on the infant’s psyche. Infants and children are extremely sensitive to any experiences, like emotional sponges, to both positive and negative experiences. Our relational and security issues are rooted in our childhood experiences. The type of love we received, the anxiety and fear we felt during these years is what creates our most profound wounds, that if not resolved properly will continue to replay themselves in our lives until they are healed. This is the cause of depressions, anxieties, and other disharmonious personality disorders. To heal from these wounds or unmet needs, you will essentially have to re-parent yourself or find a way to have the needs of your innerchild met whether its with your parents, friends, lovers, or yourself.


If you feel that your father didn’t love you or support you as a baby, you may feel an emptiness, or lack of secure masculine love. If you feel your mother didn’t respond to your cries or securely love you, you may have attachment issues for fear of abandonment. If you grew up in a household where many adult guardian figures came and went, you may feel uncomfortable with commitment, consistency and intimacy. If you were the oldest child and were missing a parent, you might have taken on the responsibilities of that parent, not having your child emotional needs met. If your father didn’t support your mother, you may have taken on that feeling of insecurity for your mother or vice versa. Very commonly, you may inherit your family or parent’s unresolved traumas. These traumas may manifest themselves as your current relationship or career issues. If you didn’t feel financially secure and safe, you will subconsciously replay that lack until you acknowledge, resolve, and release that feeling that is not yours. If you were a victim that was never acknowledged, you may re-experience yourself as the victim until you are heard and understood. If your family suffered an injustice, you may hold the anger and bitterness from justice that was never served. If you were insecurely attached to a parent, you will keep experiencing that insecurity until you acknowledge and feel that you are loved by God, your parents (divine feminine and masculine), and most importantly yourself. You can pinpoint your particular traumas by examining your infancy and childhood and relating that to what causes you tremendous fear, pain, anger, or anxiety right now.

We are here to experience these wounds and traumas for in the darkness, spiritual growth and progress is possible. All wounds originate from the original wound of separation from source or God, replayed as separation from the womb, from parents, from partners, etc. We feel unloved, abandoned, guilty, unworthy, or some manifestation of fear from the experience. You shouldn’t feel less than for your wounds, find comfort in the fact that everyone is facing their wounds, we all experience some form of fear, some sensation of not feeling loved. The beauty of the human experience is in feeling both the pain and the love, to make the love and gratitude that much sweeter.

Our Self


There are many layers to the self, most of which are not visible. We have an electromagnetic system of energy circulating within us, which includes our emotional, mental, spiritual, and astral bodies. All of these bodies make up a field of energy around each person, known as the aura. We are mostly trained to look only at the physical body for indications of health, but in reality our body is a piece of matter that is affected by our mind, emotions, and soul. Our body is easily affected by these frequencies because it is a lighter density, our bodies are composed mostly of water.

The soul is the observer, the consciousness which sees no boundaries, therefore is pure source energy of the ocean that is. The soul is our nonjudgmental state of being. It is not positively or negatively charged.

The mental body (mind) holds our thoughts, personality, ego. Conscious and subconscious mind. The mind is the do-er. The mind holds our expectations, boundaries, organization, and judgment. It is the mind who believes forms limitations. Mental actions can be positively or negatively charged in our universe of duality. It is the mind that thinks and processes. It can choose to look on the bright side or not.

The emotional body holds our emotional responses, namely of love, hatred, jealousy, envy, forgiveness, loneliness, sadness etc. Whenever we encounter something in our physical reality i.e., the physical layer, the conscious mind quickly analyzes the situation on the second layer of the aura based on our memories, beliefs, and experiences and triggers a response corresponding to the situation which is accessed from our emotional layer. For example: A person shouts at you, now in your past if you had a memory of your dad shouting at you and you being the cry baby, sobbing and complaining about it rather than to change or clarify the situation. As soon as you encounter this situation your conscious mind quickly accesses the memories stored in your mental body and triggers a emotional response to that situation that is either crying & complaining or Clarifying the situation.

Although every memory and the associated emotion over time is shifted from the conscious memory to the subconscious memory, it’s the conscious mind which is analyzing the situation and triggering the emotional responses in our everyday reality. – See more at:

Different emotions give off different vibrational patterns. Fear is a lower vibration and love is the highest.

All of our subtle bodies are interconnected, therefore affect one another. There is no such thing as an isolated experience. When something is wrong with the physical body, you will find a corresponding imbalance within the other bodies. Now that we know that all physical matter is affected by thought and consciousness, we can take control of our realities by learning to care for all of our bodies, not just the physical. All physical symptoms are reflective of the particular disharmonies within our energy bodies.

Although you can treat any imbalance from the physical body, the most effective is through the energy bodies in combination with the physical, because those are the origins of the physical manifestations. This type of mentality empowers us to take control of our own health, by becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, actions, and environment, we can take steps towards harmonizing our “self” so our soul can be free to express itself in its purest form, unrestricted by fear and clutter created by the mind. The mind and body are tools of the soul for the purpose of creating and experiencing. The emotions are the soul’s way of communicating with the mind and body.

The illusion of our reality is that we believe that we are just our minds, our bodies, and our emotions. We are not. Our core self is connected to everything that is. The game is to integrate our core with our bodies and external realities.

The game is to find our core self buried under societal conditionings, belief systems, and experiences that trick us into lower frequency states, and integrate that with our bodies and expression. Our default state of being is a state of love, light, and creativity. The game of life is to bring our bodies to that original frequency. It is not something we do, it is what we are. The process of realizing what we truly are. We do that by purging our bodies of outdated junk, shedding the layers of our minds that are not consistent with our core self, soul.

In our modern day, we have so many distractions and influences swaying our perspective and attitude it is very difficult to distinguish between what is really our “self” and from socially constructed illusions of the self with their own illusions of happiness and satisfaction. The illusion of the self is another name for our ego, our mind. Most of the time we let our egos take the reins and we forget who we really are. Years of the ego creating boundaries for the self, its impossible not to forget. But there are moments when we remember and all of our bodies are in complete harmony, usually during a therapeutic activity such as art, music, dance, meditation (being in the zone). (Or during moments of rebellion and compassion ). These are moments when the soul can be seen in its purity through the body, when our core self is creating reality, heaven is here.

We perceive the ego, our mind, as the creator of our reality, and it is, but it is mostly out of touch with the soul (core, God, etc), therefore it creates an illusion of the self that is mostly governed and shaped by our physical environment. That is not to say that if you are influenced by your surroundings then that cannot be your true self anymore, because your core self is undeniably interacting with this reality. It is what is observing your mind and body and communicating with it via emotions and the heart. The soul is becoming more conscious of itself as it observes the experience of your self remembering and realizing its core state of being, love. It is necessary for the self to see distortion so it could see itself. Light needs dark. Your core self needs the ego to distort it so it can be aware of itself.

We are supposed to stray from core connection, we are supposed to think we are our egos (our egos have a sense of beginning and end, therefore experience fear, the core does not), because that is the only way for us to be what we truly are, exist as light. The ego is meant to cover us up. It is ok. We just have to experience it, and trust that day will come.

At this point in time, in our day to day lives, we aren’t completely shut off from our core. We are beginning to become more aware, more in touch with our core selves. It is what also provides us with our sense of intuition, what gives us excitement, curiosity, and inspiration. It is often ignored because we have learned to acknowledge only what is concrete, such as the body or mind. Our core self is always present, guiding us towards growth, excitement, acceptance, love, and happiness. They key is to become aware of our minds and dissolve the limitations that are no longer nourishing to the soul. With every time, becoming more and more pure consciousness.

The mind is supposed to create order, boundary, and limitation in order for us to effectively function in this world, so we shouldn’t bash our minds. It is the boundaries that we allow to remain present that might have once served a purpose, but no longer do, that cloud our connection and harmony to our core.

Harmonize your mind with your core, and your emotions will reflect that. Your body will reflect that, your reality with reflect that. Now you have harmony of all bodies of the self.