Modern Medicine

We need to heal, and I’m not referring to physiological illnesses such as colds and diabetes (though those are manifestations of our energetic illnesses). Many of us have lost our life force, our excitement, our joy, because of the hardships of our world. We are stuck in a preconceived mold of a normal identity with set schemas, fears and limitations. We’ve lost touch with our inner voice that guides us to our truth, our greatest joy. We’ve grown too comfortable with ignoring, avoiding, or discrediting our feelings, which is the only remaining link to our inner compass. Our presence is forfeited to digital screens, unnecessary judgment and overly complicated economic, social, political, community systems that have been exponentially highlighted through technology. It is not a surprise that our accelerated digital pace gives the average person mental distress.

With our rapid digital progress comes a need for our medicines and therapies to be adaptive to the unique problems unfolded in our modern culture. We have a culture that is increasingly becoming integrated with technology and as a result, the pace of life is accelerated. We live in a time where we constantly need to be productive, where we live by the clock, where we get our emotional stimulation from digital screens and virtual reality. We live in a time where we learn everything from google and youtube instead of our parents. We live in a time where we live by google calendars and coffee instead of the natural rhythms of the Earth and our bodies. As we are indulged into our technological systems, we deplete and destroy the Earth at a faster rate than ever before. But within the problem also lies the solution. Within our technological globalization and commercialization also lies a solution. God creates no disease without a cure. Shit can be made into fertilizer. Bad bananas can be made into banana bread. In death there is transformation. In mass digital connection there is mass communication. We need innovative medicine and technology to accommodate our exponentially evolving conditions. It’s time to adjust the tools to OUR time to help us achieve our highest potentials, instead of following the tools into a restless lonely sleep. As distracting and disempowering many aspects of our modern culture are, there is also that much potential to use it for our growth and enlightenment. We can creatively direct and utilize our tools in completely new ways that accommodates our modern lifestyle and supports it into its highest positive creative expression. We can merge art, technology, science, and spirituality into a new realm that allows us to produce new concepts, tools and media that takes the best from each sector, creating a more refined, adaptive, fulfilling and integrated way of living. A living space and culture that is conducive to developing our natural talents and purpose, a planet that is healthy.

For example, knowing that nature is healthier for us, we could use our technological tools to make videos of Earth and it’s life, or sample the raw sounds of the earth to make the music that floods our stores. We could use our habit of excessively capturing and recording everything to recording our daily patterns, and use it as reflection for growth and refinement? We could develop games that develop our intuition or teach us to relax. In many ways, we have already begun to do this, with brain training apps, interactive music learning, meditation music, exercise apps, etc. There is still so much potential to explore in this emerging integrative field of art, technology, science and healing. And through the process of exploring this, a healthier, more unified Earth will blossom.