Thoughts on fear

What is the fear that underlies all others? Beneath the surface of all of our fears is a common root. The reason why you fear spiders, motorcycles, roller coasters, public speaking, embarrassment, judgment is fear of getting hurt, even further, fear of death. Should we looks to our specific fears for direction? Do our fears point us in the direction of our growth? It seems as though fear is part of the human design. Are we born to fear only to try to achieve a fearless life? Or does the world force us to fear? Are fears not evolutionary developed for a reason though?We fear change, the unknown. The design of our existence is to be born with fear of our life being taken. We also have the original wound of separation from god, leaving us to a life in search of union or enlightenment once more. How ironic. Fear of pain..fear of death, while part of us wants to return to God. Half of us wants to live, half wants to die or ascend. We must balance these, for if one desire is too little or too much, you will find chaos. If we become fearless while alive, do we reach enlightenment, or psychopath? Are those humans born without fear, an example to us? To show us the use of fear, for more appreciation and acceptance of our innate fear, so we may embrace it and allow for it to be the catalyst of our growth?