Is Being Gay A Choice?

Gender and sexuality described from a cosmic and energetic perspective 🙂


How to be okay with not doing anything and finding your flow


Ever since my return from South America, I have been trying to “re-stabilize” aka find new jobs, living space close to those jobs, internships, classes, etc. Until all of that solidifies and I can organize my life around those commitments, I have all of this free time, with no obligations or commitments, other than to look for the jobs, classes, etc, of course. I only allow myself 3-4 hours of job hunting/life planning per day, so I find myself with much free time. It is quite uncomfortable sitting in time that is not perceivably productive towards becoming a “successful” member of society. Most of us get antsy, restless, or moody when we feel we are not being productive, and even feel guilty.

This first month back in LA, I’ve managed to overcome that guilty restless feeling. In fact, I not so much overcame it as much as ALLOWED the feelings. I became a match to that which I was resisting, which was Doing Nothing. When I caught myself feeling anxiety, I would stop, sit, and make myself become relaxed with what I was doing, which was nothing. Some might even call this meditation, as I observed the anxious energy flow back into my body and dissipate and I became more and more aware of my body and my surroundings. As I became more still and present, I became relaxed and the resistance was gone, I was now in harmony with myself. In this state, I patiently wait for my intuition to direct my flow, free of expectation and judgment. I have found that I have been more in touch with soul nourishing activities, allowing me to discover my passions, my path, and my highest potentials.

It’s amazing to see what unfolds when we open our mind and body to the infinite possibilities of the universe, most we cannot even fathom. You get more inspiration and guidance, the more you open yourself up to it. If you constantly shut down your excitement and get stuck in the robotic loop of capitalism, then you are ignoring your inspiration, so it will stop coming to you and you will not fulfill your highest potential. Don’t be afraid to flow with your deepest excitement, let your truth run free.