Meditative Doodling

“Art is a long-standing and multicultural form of expression and communication that holds many therapeutic qualities” (Packard, 1980).

Expressive art therapy is proving to be a very popular alternative therapy as it is universally accepted in human culture, as opposed to other therapies that pose scientific, political or social biases. Over flooding bookstores are coloring & doodling books for adults, and I love it. Not only does it bring back our inner child, but it takes us on a meditative adventure. The mind follows one single activity and puts down all other thoughts, worries, and concerns. As you dive deeper and deeper into your doodle, you feel your judgments and fear fade away, and you reach a state of freedom, where you can purely express your creative potential. You are in a state of flow, or ‘in the zone’ when you have no inhibitions, no doubts. I encourage everyone to try this simple yet effective activity for at least it will settle your mind for a few moments of your day.  It’s not about the final product, its about the journey 🙂Zentangle