In Silence there is Wisdom

With the most boundless imagination, using any animation or visual you can create, visualize your heart.


What was the first thing that popped into your mind?

What did it look like? What was the mood and atmosphere of the scene?

What color is it? What color is the background?

What is the size relative to everything else? The texture?

Is there anything around it? Any sound in the background?

My scene was a huge pink glistening titanium heart, the center of a kingdom (which was miniature and small compared to the centerpiece). Medium sized royal majestic flags at it’s side. Orange and red background of the landscape and kingdom. Wind blowing the flags, a small gate surrounding and guarding the heart.

This exercise showed me the psychology of my heart. I feel I have a grand, strong heart that can resist, deflect, and withstand a great deal while keeping it’s shine. It’s temperature depends on it’s surroundings as a hot day would warm titanium and a cold day it would cool. An adaptable, resilient heart.  “Titanium is hard as steel, but much less dense, ability to withstand extreme temperature, reflects radiation, used in sunscreens, hypoallergenic.” The heart being gigantic compared to the toy-set kingdom city means that I am governed overwhelmingly by my heart, and not by my ego or society.

Crazy what our free flowing imagination can tell us, as if it channels our divine knowledge. But it has to be your first gut thought, usually our intuitive psychic abilities (aka connection with your God-Self that knows all, pure creative energy) are the instinctual feelings that come before the mind’s ego chatter. That’s why in silence, there is wisdom.

**Updated results doing this exercise a year from the first time**10/20/16**

I see my heart as a glowing core of green rock, with molten rock covering it, like a piece of kryptonite recovered from deep within the Earth, covered by crumbling rock, but I can see parts of the glowing, warm, radiant, powerful stone peeking through. Like a heart being reborn, rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. 

Looking back now I see my heart was strong, but it didn’t have a self sustaining generating core. My energy and love was dependent on my external circumstances, whereas now I’m seeing that I have a beautiful, limitless, powerhouse stone, that is generating heat on its own. The crumbling molten rock shows me that it’s not fully recovered from the breakup that destroyed it, it’s still in the process of transformation and healing. But alas I can see what is peeking through beneath the rock, my very own sun, generator of love and life. How beautiful and amazing that I have made it here. 

Imagine a world..

Where food and water are accessible to everyone

Where healthcare is a human right

Where education is a human right

Where safety is a fundamental liberty

Where all music and art are free for everyone

Because we chose to prioritize and pay for these things

With a yearly fee

Redirecting our taxes to make healers, artists and educators

not soldiers and business sharks