10 Steps to Find Yourself

  1. Tune into your emotions and how you’re feeling, they are your compass. We often stray or drift away from our compass’ direction, because we are taught early on to suppress our feelings when they are inappropriate. We allow the mind’s thoughts and goals and to do lists to rule over how we truly feel.
  2. Do what inspires you and brings you passion. The opposite of feeling lost, is feeling passionate and inspired. Dare to admit to what you feel passionate about. If you think you need money first to do what you dream, you are listening to your mind. People who are lost are disconnected from their feelings, therefore their purpose, their passion, and the meaning in their life.
  3. Ask yourself Why you are doing things. The more self awareness you have, the more you will find yourself. 
  4. Hang out with people who make you feel good when you’re around them, with people you feel deep connection and intimacy with. No work or sports friends because the only thing that connects you most times is the activity, so the connection is contingent on what you do.
  5. Stop distracting yourself, it takes away from being present with youself. We escape the feeling of being lost and empty with porn addictions, focusing on other’s problems, setting goals, spending hours on social media, or becoming too busy. To not be busy is to have to be with yourself. What in your life serves as a distraction from yourself?
  6. Invite meaning into your life. Try new philosophies, belief systems about the meaning of life. Create your own personal religion based on all of the truths you’ve collected from various ideas. 
  7. Don’t be afraid to loose yourself, nothing is going wrong. You can’t find yourself if you don’t loose yourself. You’re closer to your truth than those who are lost but are in denial. If you know and admit you are lost, you know where you are, you are lost.
  8. Stop being cerebral about what will make you happy. We all have a concept of what we think will make us happy. This is not seeing what will make you happy, this is believing your mental stories. People that constantly set goals, place their happiness in reaching those goals set by their mind, and sacrifice their present happiness.
  9. Quit living cautiously. Quit living in self doubt. Try new things, be brave.
  10. Make a realistic gameplan to finding yourself on paper. Pick a few things and follow through with them. Make a feeling log, pick up an instrument, spend more time with yourself, do what makes you feel good, express your emotions, etc.

**Directly from TEAL SWAN’S video “Feeling Lost and how to find yourself.”

She is amazing, watch all of her videos to become your highest self. Her videos help me through my hardest times.