Healing Hot Springs

People have been using these precious baths to heal for hundreds of years and this past weekend I took a dip for the first time. First noticeable difference was that later after getting out of the springs, drying, putting my clothes on, sun setting, I did not feel cold when I know I normally would have. It was so strange, I felt on the surface of my skin how cold the breeze was, but my bones and core remained warm. I bundled up because I knew logically I should be cold and it would be a smarter move to stay protected during this body anomaly, besides I didn’t know how long it would last or if my body was on high from the trek down to the creek. 

It lasted the whole weekend and even now, and it is such a warm feeling. My interpretation is that my chi is now flowing better throughout my body, therefore keeping me warm. When I was younger I could meditate for an hour or 2, and I could feel the warm embrace of my own light energy. I then understood how the stories of monks who could survive in extreme temperatures with no food, martial art masters who could set paper on fire, could be true. The effect has faded, but the entire experience was motivation enough to make meditation and energy movement a daily practice, and of course visit hot springs more regularly!