‘Free Market’

A free market is supposed to be a system in which product information is presented in a straightforward manner, and then consumers are able to make an informed and rational decision on whether they want that product. In a proper free market, you would have a car commercial honestly showing you what the product is, how it works and what it can do, then a person can freely decide whether that car is right for them. Instead we have a woman in a bikini eating a burger on a car, as a commercial. 

I don’t believe we should be competing for more and more consumers for our goods and services, that destroys the natural order. This leads companies to essentially manipulate people to favor their product based on superficial factors such as ‘coolness’ or ‘beauty’ and other subliminal factors. This leaves us making irrational uninformed decisions and with irrelevant products. It deters us from making the decision which most resonates with us, with our truth, because we are not receiving the truth, we are receiving decoys. We shouldn’t have to try so hard to sell people things, you should know within the first 10 seconds whether the person really feels if it’s right for them, if you both sense resistance towards your product, you should both simply stop and move on and not take offense.

There is a very thin line between manipulation and persuasion.


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