IxD Immersive Summer Bootcamp

The past week solidified my feet in this new chapter of my life. Everything is different, I turned the entire corner and can’t see the previous side anymore. I live in a new house, with new room mates, in a new part of town, with a new car, and a new life routine with a new cohort of people in this intensive immersive program. I have not experienced this much challenge and growth since my freshman year of college, and I also haven’t been this happy and fulfilled since then. I love my life, I love everything that’s happening in it and excited for what’s to come. I am optimistic and confident in what I will achieve and bring into my life. The classroom culture in this program has only reinforced and nurtured this growth mindset. It’s not just a tech school, it’s a life-therapy-be-the-best-version-of-yourself immersive. They have the curriculum down to a T (wouldn’t expect anything less from a curriculum designed by pro UX designers). From the lecture content, to the pacing, to the writing our intentions for the week, drawing our feelings of the week, to the constructive peer review and teacher feedback, the highly collaborative environment and engagement, the career coaching and support, the guest speakers, to the focus on self love and self growth and positive thinking, being good to yourself, being a good person to be around, its a whole package kind of deal. It is the most supportive, inspiring, and motivating environment I have ever been in, its the refined college experience I never knew I wanted. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and everyone is willing to help everyone. You can tell that this program is very giving and valuable to the students because they come back and become the instructors and alumni guest speakers to give back to this amazing program and community, I already know that I want to give back when I get enough experience in the field. I’m so grateful and so blessed. But it’s still really really hard don’t get me wrong (hehe).


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